Ryan M. Blanck

Ryan M Blanck is a high school English teacher by day, a writer by night, and a LEGO artist by weekend. He found much-needed inspiration and motivation for his own writing when he was introduced to the writings of DFW in the spring of 2009. He began reading and blogging his way through Dave’s canon on his Letters to DFW blog. Inspired by what he was reading, Ryan wrote his own book of creative nonfiction, Supposedly Fun Things. And most recently, he married two of his passions, DFW’s fiction and LEGOs, by creating Infinite LEGO.

Ryan presented both creative and academic works at the Work in Process conference (University of Antwerp, 2011) and the first annual David Foster Wallace conference (Illinois State University, 2014). He hopes to sell enough copies of Infinite LEGO to pay for trip to this year’s conference.

Twitter: @RyanMBlanck

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